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Employment Investigations And Litigation

DANE LAW LLC provides representation for employers and employees on a broad range of employment law matters.

Attorney Dane Steffenson can help with issues from representation businesses with government investigations and allegations of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) citations, assisting employees with employment disputes, whistle blower actions to general business litigation involving contracts and other disputes.

More Than 20 Years Of Legal Experience

He litigated numerous complex and high-profile cases for the Department of Labor (DOL) during his nearly two decades with the department.

His work with the DOL provided a great deal of experience with complex issues involving federal investigations and enforcement of statutes and regulations.


Government Investigations

Dane Steffenson’s experience with government investigation and litigation for the DOL is valuable for businesses who are under investigation, have been cited by OSHA or by the Wage and Hour Division for violations.

The DOL’s statutes and regulations governing these issues are complex and extensive. They can be confusing and difficult to comply with, and once an investigation has begun, it can be challenging to correctly respond to the allegations.

OSHA Investigations And Citations

Accidents can happen in the workplace despite a business’s best efforts. The following investigation by OSHA often leads to a citation and potential fines and penalties. The process is time-consuming, distracting and expensive to respond to.

Dane Steffenson understands these challenges and can help you develop an effective defense where an OSHA Compliance Safety and Health Officer has improperly conducted an investigation.

Wage & Hour

Wage and hour laws generate a significant number of investigations and litigation. There are federal and state wage and hour laws that lead to disputes involving overtime pay, misclassification of workers, unpaid break time and other related issues.

Employers and employees are often uncertain about how to deal with these matters. Dane Steffenson provides knowledgeable guidance for wage and hour questions.


Whistleblower cases involve varied fact situations, but typically involve allegations of wrongdoing by a business violating laws, regulations or engaging in some type of fraud. It may involve the federal government, implicating the False Claims Act or state-law equivalents.

These are demanding and difficult cases and demand an attorney experienced with managing a complex set of facts, witnesses and evidence.

General Business Litigation Representation

DANE LAW LLC can also assist with numerous litigation issues involving general business and commercial law matters. From straightforward contracts and business disputes to complex confidentiality agreements and noncompete, Mr. Steffenson brings the skilled analysis of a litigator who has brought numerous sophisticated issues to trial, as well as handled hundreds of cases and mediations.

Because he has experience with these cases from both the plaintiff and defense sides, he can help you fully understand the risk, challenges and opportunities presented in any dispute and give you the guidance you need to make informed decisions throughout every step of the process.


For effective advice with a broad range of employment and business law issues, call the firm’s Atlanta office at 404-919-9719 or fill out the online contact form to make an appointment.